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Great Books SLPs will Love to Read: Leonardo the Terrible Monster

 Mo Willems writes amazing books, and Leonardo the Terrible Monsteris no exception! On the surface, the story is about a monster who is different. He doesn’t do what is expected and scare people.

Ideas for how to use 'Leonardo the Terrible Monster' in speech therapy.
How to Use this Book?

     📒 Discuss what is expected of monsters (scaring people) and why Leonardo was different.
     📒 What did Sam do when Leonardo tried to scare him?
     📒 What did Leonardo think happened? Was his perspective correct?
     📒 What did Sam say he was crying about?

Answering How & Why Questions
📘 Why was Tony scary?
📘 Why was Eleanor scary?
📘 Why was Hector scary?
📘 How did Leonardo try to scare Sam?
📘 Why did Leonardo think he succeeded in scaring Sam?
📘 How did Leonardo decide to change?
📘 Was this a change for the better or a change for the worse? Why?

Mo Willems writes great books that SLPs will love to read!

📕 Retell the story with a beginning, middle and end.
📕 Summarize a whole page of Sam’s complaints in one sentence.

Looking for a fun, no prep, no print follow-up activity?


Great Books Slps Will Love to Read: Porkenstein

Porkenstein by Kathryn Lasky is the great book of the week. It has great illustrations, useful for a variety of ages, and a really fun plotline that lends itself well to address a variety of goals.

Porkenstein, by Kathryn Lansky, is a great book for SLPs!

Summary: Dr. Smart Pig, one of the 3 Little Pigs, is lonely and decides to invent a friend for Halloween. He makes mistakes and lots of funny creatures result in his search for a friend.

Tips for Goals:

Emotions & Body Language
  • Elicit vocabulary for emotions while looking at the illustrations before reading.
  • Ask why he felt this way after reading the page.
Porkenstein, by Kathryn Lansky, is a great book SLPs will love to read!
  • Do you think it is a good idea to invent a friend? Why or why not?
  • What qualities did Dr. Smart Pig want in a friend?
  • Would you want a friend like that?
  • Did he get a friend with those qualities? How do you know?
  • Who were Dr. Smart Pig’s brothers?
  • Why did he want a wolf-proof friend?
  • Why did he think that inventing a friend wasn’t such a good idea after all?
  • Why do you think Porkenstein ate so much?
  • How did the stories about the enormous pig get started?
  • Why was the wolf drooling outside Dr. Smart Pig’s house?
  • Why did Dr. Smart Pig whisper when he saw the wolf?
  • Why were there just boots outside the door? What happened to the wolf?
  • Why did Dr. Smart Pig decide that Porkenstein was a true friend?

Describing Vocabulary:

famous, bigger, biggest, better, mysteriously, wrong, new, less, warm, rounded, corkscrew, starving, giant, enormous, incredible, huge, rumbling, scuffling, creaking, long, furry, loud, drooling, creaky, empty, lucky.
  • Teach this vocabulary in context.
  • What sense do you use?
  • Name # more things that can be described this way.


lonely, laboratory, shall, absolutely, squealed, chemicals, leaped, less, salt, later, tail, ceiling, I’ll, still, last, almost, life, table, like, jelly, swallowed, dribbling, all, including, long, miles, talking, incredible, drool, himself, meal, Halloween, drooling, little, old, lady, long, wolf, licked, fellow, listened, scuffling, rumbling, belch, silence, disbelief, smiled, believe, let’s, closer.

smart, famous, since, sadly, excited, his, friends, is, suddenly, was, absolutely, squealed, mixed, some, chemicals, raced, mysteriously, something, squirted, this, less, salt, hours, see, snout, corkscrew, wasn’t, has, wings, upside, ceiling, closer, still, last, almost, sunset, grunts, biggest, seen, starving, gasped, asked, swallowed, himself, such, jars, house, curtains, dust, bugs, it’s, Porkenstein, monster, stories, spread, soon, miles, enormous, said, just, sunset, pig’s, first, outside, fangs, ears, dress, whispered, brothers, voice, thighs, inside, listened, frozen, suddenly, scuffling, sound, silence, gasped, disbelief, smiled, boots, just, let’s, so, costumes.

year, brother, tomorrow, ever, friends, inventor,  never, ran, laboratory, bigger, better, proof, beaker, raced, mysteriously, squirted, dear, cried, wrong, aquarium, incubator, warm, garden, hours, later, peered, rounded, corkscrew, closer, creature, doctor, try, closer, meter, threw, heard, grunts, another, there, starving, over, dribbling, more, smart, worried, after, jars, every, garbage,  curtains, doormat, rug, chair, neighbors, Porkenstein, monster, stories, spread, enormous, heard, incredible, drool, first, trick-or-treater, cry, furry, under, her, dress, whispered, fear, brothers, creaky, sure, frozen, rumbling, pair, where, better, true, forever, never, hungry, replied.

Do you like this book?
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