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An Almost Magical Week for SLPs!

Get some great deals at TpT!
Not only is the end of the school year in sight, but this week there are 3 sales to help you change up your regular repertoire of activities! (More ideas on that are coming later this week in my regular post.)

Today, May 7th, is the next to last #SLPMustHave sale for this year.

I've been busy updating my Autism File Folder Picture Sentence Building sets and am halfway done. The newest version has modified FitzGerald Key color coding to coordinate with Proloquo and other AAC devices.

While I am working on the sets, I'm also adding some adapted books to reinforce the vocabulary and concepts. You know I adore adapted books!

Check out the #May2018SLPMustHave sale at TpT!
What this means for you is that, today only, you can get the entire Outside Bundle at 50% off and the price will still be going up as the other 3 sets are updated. This is sooo worth your money!

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8th and 9th, are the dates of the last TpT Site Wide sale for this year. My entire store will be 20% off and you can use the code #THANKYOU2018 for an additional 5% off!

Everyone needs something to help them through the end of the school year! Good luck finding just the thing you need at a bargain price!

Back to School with Teachers Pay Teachers

Are you ready for Back to School? Here in the northeast, there’s still another month of summer vacation, but many school systems across the country are gearing up to go back soon.

The Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School sale is here!
Of course, that means it is time for the TpT Back to School sale! It’s your chance to get 25% off everything in my store if you use the code BTS2017!
Don't be like me and forget to put the code in!

Now, you know that I am delighted to be working on products for you full time now, but I thought I’d take a peek at some new products you might be interested in.

Bilingual Speech Therapy Explanation Handouts for Parents in Spanish and English
Do you have students who come from a bilingual home? This new packet by Sarah Wu- Speech is Beautiful looks amazing if you do.  It can save you so much time, compared to writing you own and then finding someone to translate for you. And since Sarah is both bilingual and an SLP, you can be sure that the information is just right! Check it out here.

Social Skills: Comic books, girls, friendship
If I was going back to my caseload this year, this new social skills comic book by Smartmouth SLP would definitely be in my cart! Middle school girls can show a lot of drama, and the cartoon set up provides a great way to open up those discussions! You can find it here.

One of my newest products can also save you a lot of time! 
Save time with R sound homework and activities- Fall! Looks Like Language

Although my passions are autism, social skills and mixed groups, I’ve also done a fair amount of articulation therapy in the (40 years time  SHH!) since I started treating! I know how time consuming it can be to not only plan for therapy, but come up with homework as well.

This NO PREP set can be used for therapy activities and then sent home for homework! Parent instructions are included, too!

The set is very adaptable, working on the R sound from listening skills through words and sentences, and includes picture level worksheets as well as pages with words for readers. Check to see how much time this will save you here.

Have fun filling up your cart!

Are You Dragging? Time for Some Appreciation!

$10 TpT gift card contest at Look-Like-Language!
We have our winners! Congratulations! Andre Guzman, please contact me at to claim your prize!
A. Glenn, head on over to Susan's blog! Woohoo!

At this time of year there's so much to do, but time seems to drag! I do, too! After all of the effort we've put in the whole year through, it can be difficult to stay motivated when the end of the year is in sight! Time to change it up!

To help you stay motivated, Susan Berkowitz and I are pairing up to offer two lucky winners a $10 TpT gift card each. Buy something new and see if it helps you liven up your therapy for the end of the year!

Entry is easy!

Go to Susan's store and find something that you would appreciate being able to use in your therapy room or classroom. Then visit Susan's blog here and comment with what you like!

Visit my store here and find something that you would appreciate to liven up your therapy or classroom for the end of the year. Come back and comment here!

Two winners will be chosen who have commented on both blogs. We will announce the winners on Tuesday night at 9:00 EST on both blogs, so you will have plenty of time to shop during the sale if you are one of the lucky ones!

Now, for some appreciation of you!
After working with many SLPs over the years, I appreciate:
* The drive we have to help students improve their communication skills even when the process of getting there is tough.
* The skill level and effort it takes on our parts to figure out what each child is trying to actually communicate so that we can get them there!
* The willingness we have to learn from and reach out to each other so our students' skills can grow.
* That by visiting my blog and my store, you are letting me reach out to help more children than I ever dreamed was possible. Thank you!

Good luck in the contest! What item did I make that you are appreciative of?

Announcing the TpT Sale!

Don't you just love a good sale? It only comes 4 times a year! The spring TpT sale starts tomorrow, running on May 9 and 10. My whole store will be on sale! Use the code "THANKYOU17" to get an additional 10% off your purchase!

Be sure to give feedback on all of your purchases to get TpT credits so you can get even more savings! If you aren't sure how to do this, click here.

My regular blog post will resume next week, but if you need some ideas to help you get through the end of the school year, did you read this post?

Happy shopping!

#TpT Be Mine!

Hi friends! I'm so excited that the TpT Be Mine quarterly sale starts tomorrow! 
I don't know about you, but I use this opportunity to stock up on new fonts and clipart to make my sets so much nicer for you!

Everybody loves to save money, so I thought I'd give you a quick tutorial on how to redeem TpT credits with this easy to follow infogram.

First, click the arrow next to your name to see your account and click on 'My Purchases.'

Then, check to make sure that you have provided feedback for all of you have bought. Please remember that we are real people- teachers and SLPs with ideas we'd like to share, not tech gurus. 

If there is a mistake, or something isn't printing right, please be kind and ask a question in our store first. We want you to be happy! We still want those 4.0 ratings! If we made a typo late at night, blearily trying to get something finished and uploaded after working and taking care of our families, most everyone will happily fix it for you.

If it is a tech problem, the tech gurus at TpT can figure it out for us and fix the problem!

Click on redeem your credits and you can save! During the big sales each quarter, like Feb. 7 and 8, be sure to click 'redeem code' and put in the special sale code for additional savings. Easy peasy!

Have fun stocking up on whatever you need!

P.S. The lovely gif is thanks to Lindsey Nagorski, who has some beautiful decor sets you should check out!
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