Great Books SLPs will Love to Read: Leonardo the Terrible Monster

 Mo Willems writes amazing books, and Leonardo the Terrible Monsteris no exception! On the surface, the story is about a monster who is different. He doesn’t do what is expected and scare people.

Ideas for how to use 'Leonardo the Terrible Monster' in speech therapy.
How to Use this Book?

     📒 Discuss what is expected of monsters (scaring people) and why Leonardo was different.
     📒 What did Sam do when Leonardo tried to scare him?
     📒 What did Leonardo think happened? Was his perspective correct?
     📒 What did Sam say he was crying about?

Answering How & Why Questions
📘 Why was Tony scary?
📘 Why was Eleanor scary?
📘 Why was Hector scary?
📘 How did Leonardo try to scare Sam?
📘 Why did Leonardo think he succeeded in scaring Sam?
📘 How did Leonardo decide to change?
📘 Was this a change for the better or a change for the worse? Why?

Mo Willems writes great books that SLPs will love to read!

📕 Retell the story with a beginning, middle and end.
📕 Summarize a whole page of Sam’s complaints in one sentence.

Looking for a fun, no prep, no print follow-up activity?


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