3 Free, Fun Printable Games!

Is school out for yet? Even if you are one of the lucky ones who are on vacation,  you'll still want to download the June freebie. Better yet, sign up for the rest of 2019 before time runs out!

If you are already a member, be sure to check your email for the link to this month's sweet set with an aquarium theme, plus a "What Do Dads Do?" board game with action pictures that can be used all year long!

The free download for everyone is a fun aquarium game for matching the fronts and backs of fish to fill up your aquarium. Use it with any goals all long year long!


3 Fun Activities for Mixed Group Therapy

You are working with a group of kids with articulation goals, but they all have different sounds at different levels form words to carryover.

You are working with a language group, but you have to do a makeup session for a student with articulation goals, too, during that time slot.

You have 3 kids in the same class whose needs and goals are very different, but they have to be grouped together as they have limited times they can come to speech. But how do you address their needs?

Do these scenarios sound at all familiar?  The benefit of open-ended games is that you can accommodate kids needs using them. They aren't your only option, but when you are doing a makeup session or figuring out how to combine multiple goals in one activity, they can be a lifesaver!

Join the free 2019 Growing Games Bundle now! Only at Looks Like Language!
This month, my complete set for people who have joined the FREE Growing Games Bundle mailing list (sign up on the pop-up) includes an open-ended therapy game that doubles as a Mother's Day card!

The free mini-set includes 3 different activities for the month of May from that bundle. You can download it here, but why haven't you signed up for the complete free set yet? If you'd like to get the monthly freebies, just click here.

Take a peek at the activities to meet varied group needs in my store, also! After many years of winging it, I have the time now to put together materials that were made for skill building and addressing multiple needs.

Put my years of experience to use and make your life easier! Enjoy!
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