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Ok, I have to admit that I am a little, shall we say...jealous...of SLPs who blog about all the fun they are having during the day in speech. I'm all for fun, don't get me wrong. It's just that I'm not always having it, especially at the beginning of the year when there is just SO much to do! Too much paperwork, too many students, too many sessions, not enough time! We’ve all been there and the reasons are numerous.

Ideas for tough days in speech/language therapy- Looks-Like-Language
You see, I'm working now with mostly adolescent boys who have tough lives and lots of mood swings. So, on the days that they walk in to my room with hoods up and their frowns on, I scramble to come up with any way that I can engage them. Some Most days this requires some inventiveness.

On one of those days, I went to grab one of my conversation/ sequencing language spinners, hoping to to get some interaction, when I realized that I had forgotten to put the spinners on. However, I did have a bag of bottle caps that I was collecting to use for one of my preschool games, so I grabbed them, too, and started a tossing competition. 

If a student got one of the bottle caps mostly on one of the topic spaces and could name 5 ideas or sequences related to the topic, they got to keep their cap on the space.  ?/5 named answers over 4 turns= DATA!! Since I always combine all of my students' goals with social skills (they are so needy in this area!) the students had to respond to the prior answers before taking their own turn.

Combining sentences for text structures and conversation! Looks-Like-Language
The best part of the session was actually when the boys started interacting with each other naturally during the game. The hoods came down and I even caught a smile! Success! 

So, if you ever get something from my store and the directions aren't clear (I hate writing directions!) or they don't work for you, just ask a question at my store before rating the packet. It's a great way to interact with the TpT sellers! I've used every material in multiple ways and could have a suggestion that would help you out! 

By the way, if you want to give it a try, these spinner activities for using compound and complex sentences for text structures are here.

How has therapy on the fly worked for you?

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