Literacy for SLPs- 15 Resources You Should Know About!

Are literacy skills the backbone of all that you do in therapy? I know that my students always need help with literacy skills, so no matter what their IEP goals may be, I’m always trying to get some fun books in my activities somewhere! If you’d like some tips on how you can use books in mixed groups, click here.

Building literacy skills with free internet resources by Looks Like Language!
But this post is not directly about books. There are many websites that you can use in therapy to increase literacy skills while working on IEP goals. One way is to use comic sites- check out this post

You can also elicit a lot of language both reading and creating stories online. Let me save you some time and check out these links! They are all working as of the post date so try them out soon.

Listen to Audio Stories
I like to do this sometimes for a change of pace and to hear a different voice than my own. Since many stories have no pictures, students really have to rely on their auditory processing skills to understand. They provide a great opportunity for drawing pictures to practice visualizing, or for listening and taking notes on a graphic organizer about the important details.

This website has weekly audio stories, both retellings of old classics and original stories. It also has an app to download on iTunes:

Informational Text Online

If you have curious students, or students who don’t like to read but have specific interests, this may be for you! Wonderopolis has a factual Wonder of the Day, based on questions from kids. Read the informative text (including questions like ‘Why do we burp?’) and do your own follow-up activities.

Listen to Stories with Pictures
Use this website while the grant is still being funded! Popular story books by famous authors are narrated by actors while the illustrations are being shown. I was so excited to see that it includes Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco!

This website has original stories for children from ages 3 to 10. It links directly to YouTube, where you can listen to the author’s narration and see the illustrations.

This website has a variety of original stories to read, audio fairy tales plus animated video fairy tales.

Read Original Stories Online
This website has loads of original stories online, in varied genres and for all ages.

Story Site with Varied Languages
This site is dedicated to bringing books to the children of the world. It shows each page of the books.

Turn the pages of the books online to read the varied choices for free. Students can also write stories for free, with a fee if you want a printable version. They can be translated to Spanish, Chinese, French and more with one click.

Make Your Own Story Websites
Use this site while the grant is still active! Make your own story with picture choices and text. You can choose the story grammar elements, emotions to change the characters’ facial expressions and the actions.

This website gives lots of control over every part of the story for students who are capable of completely making a story, including drawing. It could be useful for targeting specific language goals, such as facial expressions, sentence structure, organizing and telling a sequence of events for creative students.

Make Your Own Story Websites with a Theme
Read, write, think has a lot of interactive options, including this one for making your own fractured fairy tale.

Make a Dr. Seuss story with beginning, middle and end. Students fill in the text boxes and choose the music, characters and setting, with all of the elements pulled together and played at the end.

For your lego crazy kids! They can choose their own settings, characters and write text for each slide of the story.

Story Sites for Special Needs
This website lets students make their own stories or read the large selection of stories that students have already made on varied topics. It is speech enabled and can be accessed by multiple AAC interfaces.

This website has stories of all types available to download and play for free. Use their help page to access the stories from devices.

Are you ready to give one of these a try in your therapy sessions this year?

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