The. BEST. Year. Ever.

It's SALE time! While we never want the summer to end, there's still some of that excitement we have had from when we were little about starting a new year. We have a chance to actually get organized, help change the world a student at a time, and, of course, get ourselves something new!

While I admit to buying myself a new outfit or two, the real excitement now is checking out all of the wonderful sale prices for SLPs in the back to school sale on TpT. My whole store is 20% off, including bundles, and TpT is offering an additional 8% off when you use the code BestYear. This year truly can be the best year ever! There are so many SLPs on TpT making terrific materials now that are student tested, how do you even begin?

Jenna from Speech Room News has a solution for that! Thanks, Jenna! Click to go to her linky and see what is new, or best loved, for this year!

File Folder Sentence Activities for Autism- Trips to the Apple and Pumpkin Farms
Over at Looks-Like-Language, I have been busy getting some visually supported expressive language materials made in an easy file folder format for those kids who need some extra visual supports to communicate, whether verbally or using AAC.

I just posted my newest one- File Folder Sentence Activities for Autism- Apples and Pumpkins- to help out with fall trips. Check it out here! It has sentence activities, games, worksheets and a social sequence story for going on a trip, too!

Speech and Language Fall Fun Open Ended Activities by Looks-Like-Language
At the beginning of the year, we all need open ended games and activities to be able to assess student needs and work with new groups.  The craftivity, games and hands on activities in Speech and Language Fall Fun may be just what you need! With the theme of squirrels and acorns, you can use it all fall!

Fall Inference Picture Vocabulary Bingo Game by Looks-Like-Language
Do you have students at a higher level who are having problems learning to make inferences? Using pictures helps, and this Fall Inference Picture Vocabulary Bingo Game is fun, as well! You can use it for teaching vocabulary at first and work your way up to being able to infer which picture is being described.

What's in my cart? I'm checking out these:

Secret Messages for Main Idea from Teach Speech 365

Interactive Inference Riddles from Speech2U

Idiom Games Cards from Ashley Rossi

Whatever you add to your wishlist, you know you won't go wrong shopping with the SLPs on TpT! You'll find lots of great ideas to help you out this year on the linky at Speech Room News! Have the BEST. YEAR. EVER!

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