Free Themed Token Boards for Autism- Cars

I certainly feel like this summer is racing away! I wish I could do something to help that, but it did get me making a car themed token board. 

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TIP: Have you ever used token boards on a time basis? If you have students who can do short amounts of work, but then stop attending, you can set a timer for when they receive a token. Say, for example, they can attend for about a minute. Set the timer for irregular amounts of time, from a little below one minute to your goal of 2 minutes. If the student is attending and working when the timer goes off, they get a token. Make sure they can’t see the timer!

Students with more language skills can be told their goal of how long you want them to work consistently and only be given a token if they have worked steadily during the time period. Using irregular amounts of time is still probably the best, though.

Working orally? Get a count of how many response they can usually give before their attention starts to wander. Give tokens at irregular numbers of responses between the number where they are and the number you are aiming for. 

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I hope you love it! Enjoy!

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