Summer Rhyme Time Freebie Part 5

You have all of the cards, so today you are getting the game board for this fun summer freebie! The cards can be used by themselves, but game boards are always fun!


When it is easy to match the rhyming words, it is time to step it up a notch! 

+Use the cards with the game board and see if they can provide a rhyme of their own for the picture card they have chosen. 

+When rhyming is easy, try one of the other game variations in the packet. For example, have your child say the sound that starts the word and then say another word that starts with the same sound.

For children to learn to read, they have to be aware of the sounds in words and be able to play around with them. You are getting them off to a great start if you are helping them do this in a way that is fun!

Be sure to download the open ended board game!

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