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While summer is definitely a time to relax and recharge, most school SLPs often spend a good amount of time working, as well, even though they aren’t physically at the work location. They may or may not be getting paychecks, depending on if they had some of their salary held back, but there is still a lot to do! Whether you are organized or just wannabe, this summer series can help you out!
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There’s no time during the school year to actually re-organize the materials that were used during the school year so you can easily find them when the school year revs back up in the fall! Some of us bring materials home, while others go back to school. Home has the benefits of air conditioning and a good movie while you are cleaning, but the drawback is that you have to carry everything back and forth. I go with working at home. Which do you do?

Organizing TIP:
Place 1 original of the worksheets that you find useful, with a yellow highlighter mark in the corner, in a page protector for storage with similar themed materials. Keep them in binders based on skill or theme. If you’d like to read more, check out this post.


Invariably, we get some student(s) who have a disorder we aren’t as familiar with, a severity level that needs a lot of practice, or who just needs more strategies than usual. This sends us back to the drawing board to learn more, maybe getting those CEU’s in a useful way, and become a bit more prepared to address those needs again in the fall.

Learning TIP!
It can be very difficult to find classes to take that are in your area, cover what you need to learn and fit your schedule, all at the same time.  I signed up for online CEUs this year and I am really glad that I did! 

If you work with a moderately to severely handicapped population, it seems like you can never have enough materials for your students to learn the skills. Either you have to practice the same skill over and over with different themes and presentations so that they gain some mastery, or you have such varied learning styles that one size does not fit all. You’ve had this experience, I’m sure!

Preparing TIP:
There are so many wonderful free downloads available to fill out your theme based or skill based sets of materials! Make some notes as you are cleaning and re-organizing to help you in your search!

This summer, I’d like to help you with all of this, whether you are an organized SLP or a Wannabe!  Every week I will post some online links for learning resources and free materials to download based on speech/language skills or themes. While links change all the time, if you check in weekly they should still be working! Let me know if there are any areas that you would particularly like to see covered. Enjoy!

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