In 2016, I'll Try...

Thanks to The Frenzied SLPs  for hosting this fun  New Year linky! I just posted earlier this week about the importance of making sure our students learn to think ahead and form goals. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect time to talk about this!

I’ve made a resolution, too! This year, I am trying to incorporate more YouTube clips into my therapy with older students. They respond so well when they get to go online in therapy and I love having a change of pace!

Many of my students need to work on organizing their thoughts to summarize information. Although they are older, some need to work on narrative skills as well. I have found that using Story Grammar Marker symbols in a graphic organizer format works well for my poor readers as a strategy to work on these goals. It helps them determine the important information and sequentially organize it in sentences. Since the story grammar symbols are familiar and visual, the processing load of reading and thinking about the information is reduced.

Using video clips is a perfect way to practice these skills! Sometimes I let my students show me their favorite clips, as long as they show they can choose ones that are school appropriate.  My favorites include wordless shorts, as you can work on WH questions, telling narratives, sequencing skills and more using these. I have found that the links can expire, but as of this posting date, you can watch “For the Birds” at this link: There are also independent productions made for school projects that can be fun. One of these is “Partly Cloudy” at this link:

I hope you like these ideas! What tips are you trying for 2016? For more great ideas, be sure to link back to The Frenzied SLPs!

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