My Favorite SLP Happenings of 2015

Was 2015 an eventful year for you? It certainly was for Miss Speechie at Speech Time Fun, who revealed her true identity this year! While my year may not have been quite as eventful, I’m linking up to share my events this year. Thank you, Hallie!
After 18 months on TpT, I had a blast at the conference in Las Vegas. I loved meeting up with all of the SLPs on TpT who were there. I learned a lot and loved the feeling of connection that came from meeting in person.
I had been resisting starting a blog, wondering what I would write about and who would want to read what I had to say, but decided it was the way to go while I was in Las Vegas. I came home, started this blog, and less than 6 months later I am blogging on three blogs! That is a lot of writing for someone who was worried about one blog!

In addition to my personal blog, I joined with a talented group of women I met in Vegas to form the Speech Spotlight blog. It is certainly worth checking out for all of the experience and viewpoints you will find there!
Later, I was invited to join the bloggers at Classroom Freebies, Too!  I realized that, despite its name, this blog for freebies actually includes materials for all aspects of education. What could be better than free?

I can never predict where this adventure at TpT will take me!
My favorite blog posts this year have been some terrific linkies with wonderful ideas. I love seeing all the different points of view, experiences and tips offered when you hop from one blog to the next. If you like that, too, then check these out:

Thanks again to Speech Time Fun for hosting this blog link! So, now we are moving on to 2016. I wonder what happenings the New Year will bring?

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