Keeping It All Together

You are so busy right now, you might not feel like reading this. What a shame, because you’d miss my freebie! How many roles are you juggling right now? SLP, teacher, wife/husband, mother/father, cook, chauffeur, party planner….. The list goes on. Take just a minute for yourself and sign up on my email list to get my newest freebie! You deserve it!  

When you feel like you are dividing yourself into little pieces to take care of all of the demands placed upon you by others, it is time to step back and take a little care of yourself. What do like to do, as yourself, instead of as yourself playing all of the roles in your life that others need you to fulfill?

For me, that outlet is creativity. When I was too tired to do anything at all, a few minutes reading each day was the best that I could manage. When times were a little less hectic, fabric would come into play. Having an idea in my head and seeing it come to life makes me happy, and I find that having my hands busy calms my thoughts.
Maybe you prefer to catch up with friends, play games, go out in the evening, or be active (lucky you! I have to make myself exercise!)  What is important is that you take some time for yourself so you don’t go to pieces!

My freebie this month is for putting the pieces together. Open ended activities are so useful for groups! Everyone can work on their individual targets, but it feels like a group since the activity brings everyone together. Here’s a peek at what you will get! I provided different choices since school systems vary in what they allow for holidays.
Just have your students respond to any work that targets their goals, and then they can cut and glue the pieces like a puzzle, or color a section on the line drawing while they are waiting for their next turn. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter!

Here's to keeping your pieces together so you can enjoy the holidays!

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