How to Use Ellison Cutter Shapes in Therapy- A Quick and Easy Tip!

Ellison cutters for speech therapy- Looks-Like-Language
Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite times of year! I love that the weather isn’t freezing cold yet and that it is still light outside for a while after school. I love the smells of good food cooking and loved ones to share it with. Pumpkin pie tastes so good, yet I never make it any other time of year!

It’s fun to incorporate Thanksgiving themes into therapy this month. I love to do this without making the Thanksgiving vocabulary the main focus of my activities, but still have some Thanksgiving fun! 

One great way of doing this is to make use of Ellison cutters, if your school has them. If not, you can use simple outline shapes from an online search. Choose the seasonal vocabulary you want to reinforce for your shapes. In the picture, you can see that I used Pilgrim boys and girls to co-ordinate with the book I was using then.

Cut out the shapes in varied colors and laminate them without anything on them. Yes, just plain shapes! This lets me individualize based on what my students’ speech/language goals are each year. 

Photocopy and tape the pictures you need onto the laminated shapes, whether they are speech sounds, food vocabulary or action pictures! Now you are ready to play simple games, with or without a board. One of my favorites is to turn all of the shapes over in a pile. Students get told what they are working on (collecting) that session and request a shape using descriptive vocabulary. My lower students might ask for the orange Pilgrim girl, while my higher students might have to request the red Pilgrim boy in the bottom row. The first student to collect the stated number of shapes (with their goal pictures) and use them all correctly becomes the winner.

The tape and pictures will hold for the month. Next year, if you need different pictures, just pull off the tape for an easy change! Although if you store your materials in very hot conditions over the summer, you may want to take off this year's pictures before storing!

Presto! Change-o!  A quick and easy therapy tip that saves you time in the years to come!

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