5 Grouping Tips for SLPs! Back to School

Are they apples or oranges?

Grouping speech/language therapy students and making schedules are some of the biggest stressors when going back to school! It is a tough time of year so I have been sharing tips I have learned to make difficult combinations of student behaviors/needs work.

I’m a big fan of spending less time talking myself in therapy and getting the students to interact more with each other. One way to do this is to group a student who has a good factual based set of language skills together with a student who needs this help. Talking about what he knows will help the student with social language problems, giving him a chance to apply rules such as watching facial expressions and body language to tell when he has said enough. Similarly, the student who is learning the vocabulary or sentence structure will have her chance to shine when modeling the social skills to pay attention to. Everybody is a winner! 

I hope that some of these tips gave you food for thought and helped reduce the beginning of the year stress a little! There will never be a schedule with all perfect groups, but with some forethought and planning, you can make treating difficult groups more manageable.

So, did we come up with the same 5 tips? If not, just comment below and let me know what I am missing! Hope your year is off to a good start!    

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