4 Steps to Easier Speech Scheduling!

This series of tips  can help your school year get off to a smoother start! We all need help there! If you missed my grouping tips, click here.

4 Steps to Easier Speech Scheduling from Looks Like Language

Color Makes It Better!

Scheduling for speech/language therapy is such a pain! I’ve tried many ways to schedule over the years and this is the system that has worked best for me! Maybe it’s because I am a quilter, too, but the color-coding really helps me out. 

With this method, I also use small colored sticky notes and a page protector, but it will work with just a paper, pencil, and any size sticky notes that you are willing to cut to size.

Before you get started with this step, though, have you thought about how you want to group your students? If you'd like some ideas, catch my grouping tips series here.

I used to cut the sticky parts of some sticky notes down to the size that will fit on your schedule, but look what I found at Staples this year! I just hope to see these in dollar stores soon!

Write the names of your students on the colored sticky notes that match their team color (even if I’ve just arbitrarily assigned it! A Team= yellow, B Team= blue, C Team= pink, D Team= green, for example.) There will be a color-coded sticky for every session that I need to schedule. This ensures that I don’t accidentally skip a session while scheduling and is very useful when making schedule changes.

My school has classes that are organized in groups or teams that have similar schedules, so the first thing that I do is to make a master schedule of time slots where the students are NOT available. The colored slots on the schedule indicate this. 

I often fill in what is scheduled during those time periods and the location to help me out on those days when I have to flex my schedule. I also like to fill in periods where I am allowed to take students, but it isn’t worth the fight unless necessary.  

If you do any block scheduling or push in times that have little flexibility, fill these in on your schedule now, too. By the way, I prefer using 'don't schedule' times because they usually fill up less of the schedule, but it is perfectly fine to do it the other way, too!

I just wish that my real schedules were this simple and this pretty! But a sloppy version can be made while you are sitting in those long meetings at the beginning of the school year, and it works quite well as long as you can read your own handwriting!

Do you have another system that works for you? Please share!

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