5 Grouping Tips for SLPs! Back to School Part 1

SLP Back to School - Tip 1

Grouping students and making schedules are some of the biggest SLP stressors when going back to school! There are so many factors to keep in mind and so much to do that I find it to be a stressful time of year, but I have figured out some tips to consider over the years that might help you out.

When needed, I have grouped my students together simply because they wouldn't fight or because they were the only ones who would fit in that time slot. While this isn't optimal, it does expand your skills for carrying out activities in multiple ways! Even if you have students who won't fight and will tolerate each other, I've found that you get better communicative interactions when they actually like to be with each other.

Games help in situations like these by giving you a common activity to address different needs. With my older students, I have found using short video or YouTube clips is another good way to go. Hands on activities and crafts are always engaging for the younger crowd.

I hope that I have given you some food for thought with this quick tip! What is your favorite grouping tip? Let's see if we came up with the same ones! 

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