It is Summer Time!!


The TPT 2015 conference in Las Vegas just finished up and it was a wonderful chance to connect with other SLPs on TPT! Talking to them in person, it really struck me how different school schedules can be! While some people were getting ready to go back to school in 2 weeks, I’ve just finished up the first two weeks of my school break! 

More variable than our school schedules is what we like to do on our time off! I’m joining up with Kim at Activity Tailor to let you know about my idea of a summer vacation! I was lucky to meet her while I was at the conference. Thanks for the invite, Kim!
A Slow Start to My Day!
Even when I am not on a school schedule, I need my morning cup of coffee! It is wonderful to sip away at my own pace! And, no, I am not that young, blond or pretty

This summer, in August, I am going with my family to the mountains. I love the mountains in the summer! I like to sit by a waterfall and listen to the peaceful sound, go for (short) hikes, quilt, read, eat homemade ice cream, and most importantly of all:
What does summer mean to you?

If you like the camera graphics, you can get them here (free!): A Little Peace of Africa  Thanks again to Kim at Activity Tailor for inviting me to link up! Check out her blog- she has lots of useful information and ideas to get you thinking!


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