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FUN "R" Rainy Fall Day

Thanks to The Frenzied SLPs for the invite to link up. I can't wait to see all the fun ideas being shared! They have link ups with great ideas for SLPs twice a month, so be sure to check back in often!
Let’s face it, we like to think of fall only with crisp, clear, sunny days and beautifully colored leaves, but that isn’t the only fall weather!  Fall has rainy days, too, so what better time to practice ‘”R” sounds, as most SLPs have at least one "R" student on their caseload!
I like to practice getting the initial “R” sound in words by pairing it with an “R” vowel. I seem to have the most success with getting production of “er,’ but please use whatever your student has achieved. Use the templates provided to have a fun rainy day craftivity by drawing or gluing “R” pictures on the raindrops. 
To make the language more functional (and get more productions) I explain that we are going to pretend to have a hard time making up our minds which picture we want. The students need to roll a die, or spin a spinner, to see how many times they change their minds.
Supposing they roll or spin a 3, their turn would sound like this. 
Er, rain. No!  Er, run. No! Rice!”  
The other students need to listen and tap the picture on the table when they hear the word without the “er.” To move it up a notch, have the students tap the picture only if the “R” sound is said correctly.

If the last “r” sound was said correctly, the student gets that picture to glue on the raindrop. If not, the picture stays on the table and the next student gets a turn. If you have students in the group who are working on other sounds, just add  pictures for their target sounds and try another hesitation word, such as gosh, well, or perhaps.

This game works on using co-articulation to achieve the “R’ sound, fading out its use, and listening or discrimination of correct productions. Plus, you get a
cute craft at the end! For more fun fall articulation activities, don't forget to link back up with The Frenzied SLPs!

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If you like using co-articulation or paired sounds in therapy, stay tuned for a more in-depth post on how I use this technique coming soon!

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