Some Holiday Cheer for You! Santa's Stockings 2

Santa is still looking for his stockings! Can you help?
At holiday season, when our littles get even a bit more antsy than usual, it is good to have some quick, fun holiday activities to use. Open ended activities can be so helpful!

The children feel like they are playing a game instead of working, but it is easy to sneak your work in!

Try taping pictures of their vocabulary words or their speech targets on the backs of the cards. Then when they ask for a card, they are doing their work! Want to read more about this idea? Find it here.

You can also try asking them a question after they pick a card and let them help Santa answer it. That way, Santa made the mistake and you can get your student to model the correct answer for Santa! Kids love to pretend.

(Sometimes I love to pretend I'm in a quiet place somewhere sunny, myself!)

Have some free Christmas fun at Looks Like Language!
Need some more help? Try out this free mini sampler at my store!

Enjoy your freebie! See you next week!
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