Why Thematic Therapy Works- 3 Reasons for SLPs

October is just around the corner! Do you like doing thematic therapy with your younger students?  Halloween is a theme that definitely gets them motivated!

Why does it work to have a holiday theme all month long?

1- It gives enough practice time for students get to understand and use the vocabulary for the holiday before it arrives. Plus, it is fun!

2- Skills can be built and practiced over multiple months if you choose your materials correctly. When the students see the new theme, they feel like they are doing something different, but you know that you are consolidating their skills!

3- Kids like things that are familiar, especially if they have autism or are dealing with anxiety problems. By using a holiday theme to work on their areas of need, we are helping them understand what will happen and what will be expected of them. Helping out with functional skills is always important!

3 Reasons Themes Work for SLPs!
I’m not a fan of just teaching holiday vocabulary. Single words just don't give as much communication power as combinations do. But if you use the theme to build their skills, you can accomplish two goals at once!

To help you out, you can download the second part of my Friday Freebie here. 

The monsters are on a mission- giving you an opportunity to work on skills with a holiday theme- for free!

I had fun sending out organizational binder freebies this month. Congratulations to this week’s winners, Susan and Carol!

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