Change is in the Air!

Change is in the Air at Looks Like Language!
Are you finished the school year yet? This week is my last week in the public school system after 38 years, so you know that change is in the air for me!

Don't you love this quote? While this destination looks lovely, happiness is the true plan.

If you are like me, you take some time off in the summer to relax, recharge and do what makes you happy.  Doing a bit more relaxing is in my plans, too!

So, this summer I will be updating my helpful links posts for when you are ready to start thinking about work again, but I will be posting every other week. My freebies for a fun Friday will post on Thursdays, as usual.

I'd like to use the extra time to make my posts even better for you. Some work on photography skills this summer will help to get better photos of tips in action. Wish me luck- it is not my forte!

Another plan is to develop some new helpful materials to get you off to a great start in the fall! I'd love some input to be able to develop a freebie that is very useful to you. To help out, please leave a comment about the biggest problem you have getting started again in therapy in the fall. However.....

Remember, there are no magic wands here!

I'd love to be able to
* raise your salary
* reduce your paperwork
* get you that perfect office space
* make all of your coworkers realize how hard you work
* get you a smaller caseload size
* (fill in the blank!)

Unfortunately, I just haven't figured out how to do that magic yet! But if you have something I could help you with, be sure to leave a comment!

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