Phonological Awareness Freebie 3

Before reading happens, children are learning a lot about the sound system of their language. Being able to hear the sounds and know where in the words they are happening, and connecting the sounds with the way they feel in their mouths when producing them is a vital pre-reading skill. That is why the sound and word games we play with  preschoolers are so important!

Listen for sounds in this fun printable game from Looks Like Language!
I'm so glad you are back for the last set of free phonological awareness cards! Even though these are quicker to make than my usual materials that are packed with strategies and visuals, these freebies still take a few hours to make.

So, I am happy when they are being downloaded and used!

Get this week's cards here.  You can put them to use getting your students to say and listen for sounds in words. 

You can play memory and go fish, or just have the students match the cards independently. 

If you missed some, click here to go to the first set!

Enjoy! Linda

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