It's Spring! Fresh Ideas for Therapy with The Frenzied SLPs

How about some April Fool's pranks for perspective taking this spring? Looks-Like-Language
It is spring! Every year, it is such a nice change to be able to get outside and see nature start to blossom. If you missed my last post on the importance of teaching students about change, especially our non-flexible thinkers on the autism spectrum, click here.

This week, I am joining with The Frenzied SLPs to give some fresh ideas to help grow your therapy ideas! These links are worth checking out- every SLP is very capable, motivated and provides some great ideas based on her experiences in therapy. It's like getting a spring time therapy present! Be sure to click on the link below to open all of them. Thanks to Annie at Doyle Speech Works and Sparklle SLP for organizing us!

In my therapy room, we have a lot of fun talking about April Fool's Day pranks. When I am lucky, a trip to Target or the Dollar store will provide me with some toy pranks to try out, too! A whoopie cushion is an old stand by joke that is easy to find anywhere, and kids never get tired of fart jokes and pranks.

Besides being fun, talking about pranks gives us a perfect, real life opportunity to talk about how people have different perspectives, and how important it is to pay attention to others' feelings and viewpoints. One kid might find it hysterical to walk into a hanging spider, while another child with a fear of spiders might be terrified. 

These are the some of the questions I use to foster a discussion of what is funny or not:
-Is the prank hurting anyone? (physically, emotionally)
-Did the person have any way to know this ahead of time?
-If it ended up being hurtful by accident, what should they do?
-Who should have the biggest part of the decision in the end whether a joke is funny- the person doing it or the person it is being done to?

How about some April Fool's pranks for perspective taking this spring? Looks-Like-Language
YouTube is another great therapy resource. I love real books, but buying them can add up costs very fast. So, for short therapy time activities, like this one, I have found great read alouds on YouTube to add to my therapy activities. Here are some varied choices I just found.

(Warning: YouTube links can disappear suddenly, so try searching the book names if the link has stopped working. Thanks!)

April Foolishness by Teresa Bateman is a very cute story for younger kids. The plot involves grandma and the grandkids playing an April Fool's trick on Grandpa at the farm, involving all of the animals getting loose.

It's April Fool's Day by Steven Kroll is a good choice for discussing both bullying and fun tricks. In the story, Alice gets back at Horace the Bully by playing April Fool's tricks on him when he won't leave her alone, including some of the ones he plays on her all year long.

Then, for your factual kids, I ran across a fun little kids history of how April Fool's Day has developed over the years. It is on a YouTube channel called Nikki's Wiki. You could use it for discussing opinions, but I mostly added it in case you needed a resource for other goals. Nikki’sWiki- April Fool’s Day History & Facts

Perspective Taking Fun Freebie- Looks Like Language
Last, but not least, I wanted to share with you a free addition to my Perspective Taking Fun packet in my store. This type of freebie is usually one that I only share with my newsletter members, but I wanted to share one with all of you to welcome you to my blog. You can download the freebie here, or get the whole packet at my store

I hope you have fun with pranks!

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