#TpT Be Mine!

Hi friends! I'm so excited that the TpT Be Mine quarterly sale starts tomorrow! 
I don't know about you, but I use this opportunity to stock up on new fonts and clipart to make my sets so much nicer for you!

Everybody loves to save money, so I thought I'd give you a quick tutorial on how to redeem TpT credits with this easy to follow infogram.

First, click the arrow next to your name to see your account and click on 'My Purchases.'

Then, check to make sure that you have provided feedback for all of you have bought. Please remember that we are real people- teachers and SLPs with ideas we'd like to share, not tech gurus. 

If there is a mistake, or something isn't printing right, please be kind and ask a question in our store first. We want you to be happy! We still want those 4.0 ratings! If we made a typo late at night, blearily trying to get something finished and uploaded after working and taking care of our families, most everyone will happily fix it for you.

If it is a tech problem, the tech gurus at TpT can figure it out for us and fix the problem!

Click on redeem your credits and you can save! During the big sales each quarter, like Feb. 7 and 8, be sure to click 'redeem code' and put in the special sale code for additional savings. Easy peasy!

Have fun stocking up on whatever you need!

P.S. The lovely gif is thanks to Lindsey Nagorski, who has some beautiful decor sets you should check out!
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