Sharing Kindness- It Matters!

Join The Frenzied SLPs in kindness with some freebies!

Kindness in words and deeds truly matters! The Frenzied SLPs are joining together to support teaching and talking about kindness by doing what we know best- making great materials to work on varied speech, language and communication skills!

Everyday kindnesses are such an important part of life, smoothing over relationships when we've made an error and apologized for our our mistakes. All too often, my students think that the apology is the end goal. They need to be taught that the real aim is to change their behavior. Showing the person you hurt some extra small kindnesses, along the way to demonstrating that you have truly changed, is also important.

To help you out with this, my freebie is a cute little game board that can co-ordinate with the other great materials you will find in this blog hop. It also includes a set of picture cards to talk about why unkind behaviors and a set with problem situations, too!

Have fun clicking through this blog hop to get all of the freebies! Please leave kind feedback at our TpT stores if you love what we made for you!

Thanks to Sparklle SLP and Lisette from Speech Sprouts for organizing us!

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Thanks for joining us!

Spread the kindness! The Frenzied SLPs!

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