Let's Make It a #kindnessnation! Valentines Day Freebie 2

There's so many ways to use these kindness cards from Looks-Like-Language!
It's time to spread some kindness! Catch my FREE kindness cards at my store and use them to play games, have a discussion, or do a writing activity!

One of my buyers had a great idea for how to use them! 

"On  January 21, 2017,  Kathleen H. said:
So many ways to use this!!! I think I'll paste one per page in a class notebook and kids can pass it around the room and pick one to write about (after reading them all and doing one together). Then kids can add to it or read other's responses in their free time or even silent reading."

You could also play a daily discussion round with these cards. Have the first person choose and read a card, with students in the group taking turns providing an idea without duplicating one already said.  The next time, start with the person who either ran out of ideas or duplicated a response. See which card gets the most ideas from your group! 

If you come up with a fun way to use the cards, add your ideas to the feedback and share the kindness with an educator or SLP who may need some help with activities!

Happy Valentine's Day!
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