Freebie Fun and A Truth Revealed!

This week has been so much fun! Although the work week is almost done and we can say, "TGIF!" you still have chances today and tomorrow to win a freebie of your choice (no bundles, please) from my store.  To earn your chance today, be sure to comment below with what kind of product you most wish for, if you could have one personally designed for you.

Who knows, maybe you will see it sometime in the future!

One of the reasons this week has been so much fun for me is the chance I have gotten to interact with you, either here, on Fb or on IG. My truth revealed? Well, you know from my bio that I have been an SLP for quite a while, which means that many of the skills I'm using now to publish were ones that required a lot of hard work (and advice from my kids) to learn.

The first time I learned about blogging was when I watched that movie about the woman who cooked Julia Child's recipes and blogged about it for a year. I left that movie saying that I would never write a blog. You know, the things you say that come back to haunt you later?

My husband is the reason I changed my mind and stepped out of my comfort zone. He has always been a staunch supporter of my SLP skills, even when supervisors thought that I was stepping beyond the boundaries of our field. He encouraged me to share my experiences with SLPs so that kids could benefit, instead of keeping my experiences to myself.

So, here I am! I hope that you will find something helpful to you in my posts. I am so very grateful to have gotten to interact with you this week, taking the edge off of wondering who was out there reading this! I'm glad you joined me!

Comment away with your perfect item to solve an SLP problem and good luck winning the contest today!

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