It's That Time of Year- A Gift for You!

FREE open ended Santa game from Looks-Like-Language
It's that time of year again! I can't believe it! Last year this time I had just agreed to join ClassroomFreebiesToo and was wondering how in the world I would manage a freebie a week for a year! Well, I accomplished it! Hurray!

Since I missed my years of working with preschoolers, I was motivated to make some simple, fun games that worked on basic readiness skills that would help both parents and educators. I hope you've been loving them!

I also hope that you will join me for my monthly newsletter. If you do, there will be no spam, just tips, news and freebies! I hope to see you there. Just fill out your email on the top bar to stay in touch!

Click here to download the matching game. Newsletter friends, enjoy your extra pages!

Happy December!

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