Building Thanksgiving Sentences Freebie 2

Build Thanksgiving sentences with pictured words! Free from Looks-Like-Language
Last week on Classroom Freebies Too, I mentioned that I will be completing my first year there at the end of this month! How time flies, especially when we are busy.

Everyone in eduction is busy nowadays, and getting busier every year, it seems.  You are working hard whether you are a special educator teaching students who need so much practice on every skill, or a regular educator who is teaching a very mixed group of students from special needs to at risk, "regular", and gifted students, or a related service provider who support many students, at all levels, often in multiple schools.

Thank you, all of you, for the work you do!

Make our life a little easier by downloading the second part of this month's freebie set! Today you will get the noun/WHO game cards. They come in two versions to help all of your students learn!


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