Win the Challenge! Halloween Speech/Language Therapy Ideas

We all know that kids love games, toys and fun! They also talk and interact more when they are having fun, and isn't that what speech/language therapy is all about?  

Halloween speech/language therapy idea challenge at Looks-Like-Language
Planning for October took me to the Target dollar bins to add a little variety to my speech/language therapy toolbox, um, toy collection for Halloween and I'm excited to share my finds with you!

I actually went to find the eraser set, but I couldn't locate them at first. That got me looking at the other Halloween goodies and thinking about what I could do with them, when suddenly I found erasers! By that time, I kind of liked all of the stuff, so, of course, I bought the whole caboodle.

On my way home, this got me thinking about how my therapy planning has changed over the years. In the beginning, I started with my available prepared materials and activities, lining up quite a few to do each week. Over-planning was a necessity, just to be sure that I didn't run out of enough activities to fill therapy time.

As time went on, I collected more and more materials, worked with  a wider variety of goals, ages and handicapping conditions, and got a bit better at planning on the fly. So, while I started with materials and spent time figuring out how to elicit goals/targets with what I had available, eventually I switched to having a core set of activities available and figuring out which ones I wanted to use with specific students. I also brainstormed for groups, trying to figure out how to make an activity that was really made for one speech/language target able to be used to meet the other students' goals.

Halloween speech/language therapy idea challenge at Looks-Like-Language
All of these planning methods helped develop my skills as a therapist, and honestly, planning became easier over time.  

So this is my challenge to you, wherever you are in your journey as a speech/language pathologist. Pull out all of your 'fun stuff' for Halloween. Think about all of the various ways you have used these materials in therapy and the goals of your students this year. How many ways and goals can you come up with for using them?

I'm going to be doing this challenge this month and sharing my ideas with you! While I have some more 'fun stuff' around, I'm going to try to incorporate these new 'finds' into my therapy this month, combining them with what I already own, of course! How many different ideas can I come up with for each combination, do you suppose? Is your list longer than mine? Join in the challenge!

The game is afoot!

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