Another Halloween Freebie? YES! WH questions and Rapid Naming

FREE Halloween game from Looks Like Language!
Four more days until Halloween! It is such a fun holiday! I know that my students love playing Halloween games - they don't even think that they are working! Isn't that the best way to promote natural use of language, though? If students are using what you taught while they are playing a game, you know that you have accomplished something!

Last week, my readers could download the open ended game board and spinner. If you missed it, click here!  

This week, I have some mission cards for the monsters on a mission! Some are already prepared with a Halloween theme to make planning for the holiday super easy. The cute mission cards can also be used in an open ended format so that you can work on any goals this Halloween. Get this week's freebie here!

Either way, what could be easier? Happy Halloween!

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