After All These Years, I Still Need Help! Freebies, please!

You'd think, after all of these years, that getting into the swing of a new year would get easier. Nope! That's why freebies are such a great help! 

Communicate! Free Game by Looks-Like-Language
This one, from my store, is great for the beginning of the year and for the rest of the year, too! Listen to these comments:

Kelly said, "I love the game board and the included questions. I also like that there is a template/page for adding additional questions! Will definitely use this with my clients who are working on conversation skills!"

Frannie wrote, "Thanks for sharing such a creative and useful get-to-know-you game, which will also be great for basic conversation skill practice with many of my students. Very creative and user friendly. Thanks!"

Joy commented, "Nice Activity - I'm not just going to use it as a beginning of the year activity but also as a social skills activity for perspective taking and having the students listen to each other and answer questions about themselves and others! Thank you!"

Wasn't it nice of them to let me know that it was worth my time and effort?

The best part of all is that it is free! Get it at my store!

I hope you have a smooth start to your school year!

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