SLPs Need to De-stress- Life Tips!

Children! Life's greatest blessing and a huge responsibility!

One of the best aspects about being an SLP or educator is the difference you can make in a child's (and family's) life! Although we may not get the feedback, it is important for us to keep reminding ourselves that we can make a difference and that the impact can affect a child's life forever!

For me at least, along with that great benefit benefit comes a great responsibility to try to be at my best for every child, every session, every day, because you never know when that moment of impact can begin. WHEW!! 

Often it has made me wish for a job where I could take it easy sometimes without feeling I might be letting someone down. So many terrific special educators never feel comfortable taking a necessary sick day off because of the sense of obligation they feel toward their students and their coworkers. How to deal with the stress?

Organize for a better year! Looks Like Language
1. Be sure that some of your time before school starts is to take care of yourself!
 A calmer, more together teacher or SLP is always an asset to an overwhelmed student!

2. Get digital files organized! If you are spending a lot of time looking for what you need, you are wasting time that you could use having fun.
Try these tips:

- Make folders for each month, skill or theme on your computer to help you locate what you need for planning. When you download materials, place them in the appropriate folder. 

- If you see a great idea in an image, take a screen shot and place that in the file. Rename the screenshot with information to help you locate the original idea.

- Keep a page of clickable links in each folder to match any images or free materials that are in the file.

3. Get paper files organized! For the same reason, of course!
Try these tips:

- Keep your original set of materials in a page protector. Place them in a binder with a label of the month, skill or theme. Set it up to match the computer file you printed it from! Need help with labels? Click here for a free, editable set!

- Keep a yellow highlighter handy in your space at school. Mark the original page you take out to photocopy with a small dot in the corner, or your initials. This will help you put the cleanest copy away for the next time, and help make sure that you don't use your last copy!

4. Before you jump back into setting up your work space, take some time to do something which will help you to relax before the upcoming year. 

Have less stress this school year! Looks Like Language
My de-stressing also usually includes some time spent in the mountains. Getting away from a rapid paced city environment to the peace and quiet of the mountains always helps me to relax before a new school year starts! Here's a photo of one of my favorite places to just chill.

When the school year starts, take some moments to remember your peaceful times and places. I like to put a calendar page that reminds of waterfalls and forests in a place I can easily see when I am working. Just a glance up, along with a deep breath, can help me at times!

If you are already in the thick of things, check out my scheduling tips and grouping tips for getting a good start!

Hoping you have a relatively stress-less school year!

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