Free Themed Token Boards for Autism- Superheroes

Do you feel like a superhero some days when you get home from work just for lasting through the day? I know I’ve had days like that! Dealing with kids all day long can be draining, the more so when they have special needs. That is why we need visuals! Token boards give the message of how much work is expected, visually, to motivate students to keep on working.

Themed Token Board Freebie from Looks-Like-Language- Superheroes!While some students only look at token boards to see that they are getting closer to receiving their reinforcer, other students can work a little longer when their token board has a preferred theme.  I hope that one of these freebies will do that for you! Be sure to click here or here if you missed any!

My third token board freebie has a hero theme. Download it here.

Need more information for using token boards?  Be sure to comment and I will share as I post!
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