Free Themed Token Boards for Autism- Dinosaurs!

Time for a change of pace! I hope you’ve been loving my literacy freebies. I have to say that I’ve been enjoying making them. They remind me of my preschool days and are so much simpler and quicker to make than the packets I have for sale. I also love that I could be helping some children out there –it warms my heart to think about it!

Autism- Token Board Freebies from Looks-Like-LanguageBut now I’d like to help some of you who are working with children with autism. You know that I believe strongly in using visual supports for children with special needs since my name reflects that! Students who are on the spectrum especially need this help, and token boards are a very useful strategy. I will be sharing some thematic token boards, hoping to provide you with a varied set this summer.
My first token board freebie has dinosaurs! Download it here.

If you would like some information for using token boards, be sure to comment and I will share as I post! Enjoy!
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