How do you spend your summer? WH Questions for SLPs!

Happy summer, friends! I made a flower emotion freebie (a newsletter exclusive!) that I planned for spring, but life has gotten a bit crazy for me personally this spring. I’m sure you can relate to that! Luckily, a flower theme can be used all summer, too, so I am including the link to it in this week's newsletter! Enjoy!

Do you work in the summer? Even if you do, can you find ways to help you relax and recharge? Let’s give ourselves that WH question list!

WHO? I always had off in the summer to spend more time with my children, but even now that they are grown, I love having the extra time to do some things for me that I haven’t been able to do while raising my family.

WHAT? I’m more conscientious than usual about exercising as I get my bike out to ride every morning.

WHEN? In the summer, I also spend time preparing for the next school year. Some years I am re-organizing my materials so that I can find them quickly in the fall. It can be overwhelming getting started with a new caseload and new IEP goals in the fall. I’ve found that being able to get to needed materials quickly plays a big role in how organized (or not!) I feel at the beginning of a school year. Other years I am taking professional classes to meet my CEU requirements. This year, I think I will be doing a bit of both.

WHERE? At my house, I love to be able to relax, read and sew. I also use the time to catch up on household chores, like painting and cleaning out closets. When we get away, I love to be able to go to the mountains and enjoy the beauty, peace and quiet.

WHY? It is so important to find time to relax and recharge! We have different hobbies and preferences, but we all know how much energy it takes to work with kids!

HOW? I have to admit that I spend time on my store, too- updating products and getting new ones made. But that is okay! I love that materials that I have created and used successfully with my own students are helping other students all over. When I get feedback that says something I made was helpful, I feel all warm inside and am very happy that I am able to help!

Summertime should be a time for relaxation and recharging! To find out what my blogging friends at Speech Spotlight do in the summer, click here.  What do you think of when you ask yourself the WH questions? I hope you have fun, whatever your answers are!

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