5 SLP Tips - Are We There Yet? Links and Ideas for the End of the Year

What do we do for our friends and (well-liked) co-workers? Help them out, of course! When helping them is also helpful to us, it just is so nice all around!
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One of my co-blogging pals reached out to have some guest posts for her blog, and I am thrilled to tell you that I am the guest blogger at TeachSpeech365 this week! I am happy to lend a hand and delighted to make contact with some new SLPS.  We address so many different communication goals, at so many ages and levels, that we all can benefit from each others’ experiences. I think we all especially need the help when we are overwhelmed with paperwork at the end of the year and are so ready to be done! So, if you pop on over to TeachSpeech365 to get this week’s ideas (including links) for managing the end of the school year, maybe you’ll find some other helpful tips while you are visiting there!

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