You Will Love the Descriptive Language in this Fun Activity!

Do your younger students want to go outside, but you don’t think that is the best setting for them? Well, I’ve been there and have a fun, language packed activity that brings the OUTside IN! Did you ever try flying a kite with a squeeze bottle?

Now, I have to be honest with you. I read about this in a magazine years ago and it absolutely does not do what those authors said would happen. But, you can elicit so much language and have such fun in a hands on activity, that I think you should give it a try anyway.
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First, have your students color and cut out small kites. I've made an exclusive freebie for this activity (the link will be in the newsletter) but you can easily cut them out of construction paper, too. Cut a piece of string or yarn to make the tail and tape it on. If your kites won't stay in the bottle, just cut a little point on the bottom edges so they will stay in a little longer.
Then you need a small bottle that is easy to squeeze. I found two kinds in the travel section of a local drugstore. The short bottle had a hole already, but I had to cut off the top of the tall bottle so that I could push the kite string inside. When you squeeze the bottle, the theory was that you can make the kite fly. In reality, it just kind of flutters down to the ground. However, when the students hold the bottle and blow on the kite, then it actually will fly across the room a short way.
My students had great fun and I had so many opportunities to model and elicit descriptive language.  Which bottle do you want, the short one or the tall one? Which color kite do you want?  Did you want the red kite with the long tail or the short tail? What happened when you squeezed fast? Slow? Hard? Softly? What about when you blew the kite? Which worked the best? The worst?

If all of your students stand on the same footprints to 'fly' their kites, you can also compare. Whose kite flew the farthest? The shortest? The highest? Straight? To the left? To the right? Did the longer strings go farther or the shorter ones? Did blowing hard and fast work better or long and slow?

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Whatever your kite flying results are, I guarantee that your students will be talking and having fun bringing the OUTside IN!

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