SLPs, It Is Time to Feel Appreciated!

Hi Y’all! If I sound a little southern it is because I have been hanging out at Mia McDaniel’s store, looking at all the great choices and deciding what to put in my shopping cart. 

TpT sitewide sales are so exciting! I think we all deserve to treat ourselves and feel celebrated, don’t you? The Frenzied SLPs, with special thanks to Jennifer at SLPRunner, are hosting this linky and hoping that you feel celebrated! Don't forget to use the code CELEBRATE when you shop to get the extra discount!

At Mia’s shop, I put her Reading & Responding Interpreting Language with Text Messages into my shopping cart. I own some of Mia’s other fun products and my students love them. I know they will love this one, too! With text messages, the amount of reading required is short and sweet, as well as being motivating. So many functional language activities are targeted in this packet and I couldn’t resist that cracked phone screen!

Then, I headed over to Small Talk Speech and put Take Out Topics in my cart. While most of my caseload needs help with conversation, I have some students working on carryover of the /r/ sound, too. This fun set lets me address both goals! An added benefit is that the clip art isn’t too cutesy for my older students!

Finally, I stopped by Susan Berkowitz to get a new activity for my older life skills students. I like  Life Skills- What to Say and Not to Say in the Community because it covers such an important life skill. The picture cues will help my limited readers to organize what to say. I like that includes a variety of ideas, as well as reasons, for saying/not saying things in situations. It is a treat for me because I don’t have to think of all the situations I need to discuss- I can just interact with my students!

I just love having some new, fun activities to help me get through the end of the year! Don’t you?

I have some fun, new activities to share, too! Perspective Taking Fun uses cute clip art of kids playing pranks on each other! Students love to play pranks and this is a very concrete way to start your kids on the spectrum thinking about how people have different perspectives. I love that they can interpret the body language and facial cues in the clipart to determine the kids’ perspectives on the jokes. I included thought bubbles to give them practice making statements from another point of view, worksheets to compare their points of view to the pictured student, and provided an emotions mini poster to help out with vocabulary. This activity also opens the door for your students to discuss their opinions with each other, and use some flexible thinking to determine what kinds of jokes are ok to do and what kind aren’t.

Hot off the presses! I've been really busy working to complete a new set of file folder activities for verbally limited kids and AAC users with a summer theme. I managed to finish 4 sets AND bundle them for you, too, so that you could get some extra savings! 

I worked for many years with nonverbal and minimally verbal students on the spectrum using low tech AAC. After my students were able to request their basic needs and label familiar objects, I started to explore ways to get them to comment and communicate using simple sentences. Verb use is more difficult to teach, but I found that it certainly was possible to do! One of the formats I used is the one that is in my new File Folder Sentence Activities. I’ve made sets for 4 fun summer events (playground, field day, carnivals and barbecues) to help your students communicate all summer long! You know that I always want my packets to be helpful, so please check the previews to be sure it is right for you!

I hope that you feel appreciated, and that you find the item that is just right for you! Then, treat yourself! You work hard! There’s a lot more suggestions to help you find just what you are looking for. Just hop right over to The Frenzied SLPs!

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