How to Capture the OUTside IN Therapy- Fun and Easy

As lovely as it is to take your therapy session outside (click here if you missed that linky), there can be reasons why it is not the best way to go for certain students. One reason that comes immediately to mind is when the safety of a student is a concern. For example, if your student is a runner who tries to get away, you probably won't want to be outside unless the area is enclosed.
Another reason could simply be that your students are too distracted or self directed to benefit from being outside for any new skills to be taught, although for generalizing skills it may be perfect.
Of course, there is always the possibility that the weather is not cooperative! For all of these reasons, I liked to have a few activities ready to go that bring the OUTside IN!

This year I’ve been working on multiple meaning words with my older students.  They benefit from having models and learning in slow, repetitive steps. To generalize the skills they have learned this year, I’m having a modified scavenger hunt for multiple meaning words and placing items all around my room for them to find.
You can see some of the items I’m using, from both outside and inside, in this photo. After some desk work is done, my students will wander around my room to see if they can find any items that have multiple meanings, write the word and use it in 2+ sentences.  Some of the words will be ones I have targeted this year, while others will be new words to see if any of my students are able to generalize the skill. Bonus points will be awarded to any students who bring in a small item to add to the scavenger hunt.

I keep the wandering time short, so no one gets too silly, and spread the scavenger hunt out over a month. Since my students love contests, everyone who enters will get a bonus point.  Then, there will be small prizes for the most words found, the most sentences, and for having words that nobody else found. Everyone is a winner!

Interested in more ideas for using multiple meaning words in therapy? Click here, here and here!

When working with younger kids, there are so many wonderful crafts and activities to learn the language for OUTside IN your therapy room! I’ll feature one of them next week since I have to go dig it out of a box first. Have you changed locations and population ages very often in your career? What do you do with all of the materials that you are no longer using?

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