April Showers and a Freebie!

Water is so much fun and so much a part of our daily lives, how can we not help our students to have language to talk about it?  The Frenzied SLPs are posting about April Showers this week!
When working with preschoolers and limited students, it is so important to bring the language for daily activities into the therapy room! These activities are what they need to be talking about and provide the most opportunities for reducing communicative frustrations at home while generalizing skills. 

My favorite water activity at this level is washing the baby. Kids love this!  You can even do this in a therapy room that doesn’t have a sink.  Bring in a basin that is much larger than your baby, a washcloth, a towel and some soap. I love using roll-on soap as it is easier to clean up afterwards. The trick to limited splashing is putting just enough water in the basin that you can wash the baby, but not so much that it splashes everywhere.

The language opportunities are tremendous! I have my students request the washcloth and the soap, but I hold off giving it to them until they label where they are going to wash. You can label and elicit every body part in this activity! There are lots of verbs to model and use in phrases, too: wash the baby, wash the baby’s __, rinse the baby, splash the baby (if you are brave!), dry the baby, and dress the baby. Include spatial concepts: put in, put on, take off, wipe off, pick up, bend arms/legs, turn over, take out, etc.

There are many books you can incorporate into the session, although I’d read the book before you start the bath! It is also important to bring the parents in on this theme, since they can model the language with their kids on a regular basis. 

Parents are much more likely to be able to follow up at home when your suggestions for them are based around daily routines that don’t involve planning or stepping outside of their comfort level. 

I have found that making a simple checklist works the best. You can adjust the level of the language for each child by checking off the words you’d like the parents to emphasize and having them initial the sheet after the activity is done. Once you have a template set up, it is easy to fill in your current theme, copy and send it home. 

In fact, it is so easy that I made a FREEBIE template for you to download!

If you’d like some April Showers ideas and a FREEBIE for older students, pop over to this post I did with The Frenzied SLPs.

Be sure to link back to The Frenzied SLPs for more great therapy ideas!

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