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Hi friends! If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a TpT sale tomorrow, Wednesday, January 20 and Thursday, January 21. My whole store will be 20% off. When you use the code START16, you get an additional 8% off. How great is that?
Stop by to pick up my new freebie and check out what’s new! Be sure to visit SLPRunner to see what else is new on TpT!

Students with limited verbal skills, as well as nonverbal students, can expand their functional vocabulary with my new symbol supported book.  Verbs can be much more difficult to teach than labeling, but are so needed to be able to communicate. Try out WH Questions and Functional Verbs- PLAY!

I have to add in the cover. Glitter Meets Glue Designs was so very kind and shared some of her clipart for free last summer in Las Vegas. It's a different look for me. I hope you like it!

Students who are just beginning to be able to make inferences can benefit from the help that pictures provide. Listen to the comments that students say in the classroom and see if you can figure out what they are doing in the School Activities Inference Game.

Older students often have problem understanding the texts they are required to read since they have difficulty making inferences from what they have read.  My two new describing and inferring packets give students  the opportunity to expand their describing skills and practice making inferences based on descriptions. Also included are many examples for inferring who said it and where it is occurring. Help your students advance their skills with Describing and Inferring- Occupations (pictured) and Describing and Inferring- Places. Don't forget to download the free strategy organizers that go with these!

I'm sure that my shopping cart will grow, but after a quick peek, I already have one item! Social language products for older students can be hard to find, and this Social Skills Topic Game: Don't Open a Can of Worms! by Smartmouth SLP looks great for my caseload! From the title on, it gives lots of opportunities for discussions that my students need.

If none of these are right for you, just check out the other links at SLPRunner and i'm sure that you will find something to meet your needs! Thanks again, Jen, for the invite to link up and share what is new from the SLPs on TpT!

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