Hooray! WHEW! A Peek Behind the Scenes of a TpT Journey

Readers, beware!
Most of my posts are bringing you ideas for therapy. If that is what you want today, just skip to the freebie information at the end!

This post is about a TpT journey, and TpT can be contagious! It is certainly time consuming. It can be a fast journey, or it can be slow. I'll tell you my story, and you can decide for yourself!
Two years ago, I never thought that I would ever get to this point and I am so grateful for the people who have followed and supported my shop!  I decided to start a store, since over the years I’ve made many therapy materials that were well received when I shared them with colleagues. Little did I know what this journey would entail!

It is so much quicker to develop an idea and put it on paper to use with your own students than it is to make a professional product. I started this venture with solid therapy ideas and none whatsoever about using microsoft office. I dove in, knowing that I had to take the plunge whether I was prepared or not, and I am so grateful that no one bought my products for the first 5 months. Yes, I said 5 months! I persevered (and cursed,) learning a lot about desk top publishing as I joked with my family that this was a store for preventing Alzheimer’s, not for actually selling anything!
Time went on and I eventually started selling a few products. I am extremely grateful for my early raters who saw the gold nugget of ideas in what I made. By the end of my first year, I realized that I had learned a lot, and a decision needed to be made. I could keep creating new products, or I could go back and revise all of my old ones so that they were packets I could be proud of. If you have gone back and looked through the “My Purchases” section of your TpT account, you know what I decided to do. If you haven’t, it is worth your time! My ideas are the same, but they are packaged so much more nicely!

I will continue to update products as my skills grow, so it is worth your time to offer kind suggestions I can include in future updates. (Most sellers will revise products if you ask nicely! The best place to do this is in the ‘Ask a Question’ section of their stores, by the way.)  In addition to celebrating my 1,000 followers, I am also celebrating that I have FINALLY finished revising my original products! WHEW!!
The FREEBIE that I am offering as a thank you is available through my store.  (Although I have additional freebies that are only available through my newsletter. Provide your email on the top right box if you are interested in receiving these.) You can read my post about the freebie here.

I’m looking forward to celebrating my next 1,000 followers! Thanks so much for helping me along the way.  Have you ever tackled a project that involved so much more than you thought it would?

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