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  SLP Scavenger Hunt!                                   

I'm linking up with Kristin at Beautiful Speech for a fun internet scavenger hunt with lots of great prizes! 

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 Back to School with EMOTION!                     

I had so much fun with this activity at the end of the school year that I had to share it with you! The Disney/Pixar movie "Inside Out" is so much fun and the official trailer is a wonderful tool for assessing students' skills with body language and facial expressions related to emotions, as well as their ability to make social inferences.

If you haven't taken the time to watch it, you really should! The one I used is the Trailer 2 UK version. I let my students watch all the way through it once, then went back and paused it to ask some questions. The list is long, so use what you need. You will be able to figure out where to pause after watching it.

My students enjoyed watching this movie clip and I found out a lot about how well they could interpret body language and facial expressions  (including joint attention- looking at someone to get their attention and then looking away at someone else to refer to that person) as they relate to emotions. This activity made it easy to see who would have trouble interpreting social interactions and peoples' different perspectives of a situation. When we were done watching and discussing the movie clip, I had them draw or write on this graphic organizer to be a movie critic and summarize the plot.

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Have you used video clips in therapy? Was it successful? Why?

Don't forget to get your google doc to finish up the scavenger hunt! Thanks for all the fun, Kristin from Beautiful Speech! Thanks also to Sonya DeHart Designs (a real sweetie with a big heart!) for the fonts and backgrounds that I used.

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